Full legal name of organisation in native language Agencja promocji zawodewrj kobiet
Name of organisation in English language The Agency for the promotion of professional employment of women
Acronym APZK
Country Poland
Country code PL
Organisation address 80 –852 Gdansk ul. Direkcyjna 5
Last and first name of the contact person Bozena Kusina
Title and position in the organisation The director of APZK
Phone (include country and area codes) 0 58 305-22-44
Fax (include country and area codes) 0 58 305-22-44
E-mail address apzk@apzk.com.pl
Home page address www.apzk.com.pl

Type of organisation (legal status, main areas and type of activity)

APZK- with its abode in Gdansk began working at 1st October 1996 within the framework of International Association of Personnel in Employment Security (IAPES) based on the project financed by the USA Department, The World Bank and Labour and Social Politic Department within the framework of the Project TOR # 10 – The Development of Small Enterprise.

Evidence of experience of the organisation of the women’s employment issues and experience in international co-operation

 1994 – International conference in Gdansk “Creating new work places”

1995 - International conference in Gdansk “The work places and economy – yes or no to informal economy”

1996 - International conference in Gdansk and Gniew connected with the (problems) of local labour markets “Local labour markets, conceptions, strategies, solutions – costs and savings”

1997 – APZK has started working in Gdansk within the framework of IAPES

1999 – Co-organization together with the regional labour office in Gdansk of the Forum ‘Initiative – Business – Work – Qualifications” and seminary “Women in business”

1999 – Seminary in Gdansk-Sobieszewo “Promotion the idea of women’s entrepreneurship – a challenge in the new millennium”

2000 - Seminary in Gdansk-Sobieszewo “European helping programmes as the chance and the challenge for Pomeranian region”

International projects

Over the 1997-2001 years APZK realized the following programs due to given it grants:

·         The Foundation of Enterprise Development (the loan from The World Bank within the framework of Project TOR # 10 -The development of Small Business) - grants from MpiPS,

·         The Centre of Supporting Business - grants from Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs;

·         Employment Agency (working in the years 1997 - 1999) - grants from Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs;

·         APZK Project - grants from USA Labour Department,

·         WZOiRON - adaptation of the APZK office for handicapped people,

·         The Program TRATWA for leaders of helping groups for flooded areas - grants from Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and URBAN INSTITUTE USA,

·         ABSOLWENT - tourist service with the ways of effective seeking job - the program relating to counteract the unemployment among Youth and Graduates - grants from MpiPS,

·         ZIELONA SWIETLICA - professional youth activation on areas with the high level of unemployment in small business sphere connected with the organization of ''Zielone Swietlice" for children and young people - a program related to decreasing unemployment among graduates and youth - grants from MPiPS,

·         AGROTOURISM - the professional activation of young people on areas wit the high level of unemployment in the sphere of leading the agrotouristic farms - grants from MpiPS,

·         KOBIETA AKTYWNA - workshops in the sphere of the ways of seeking job - grants from KUP,

·         Intranet practicing for handicapped people as the economy specialist - data base specialist (distance training) - grants from PFRON

·         "Business on the country and in the city" - grants from MpiPS - professional activation of youth on areas with the high level of unemployment in the domain of leading the own business work,

·         The program of Pomeranian region "The development of human recourses in the country-areas" - the schooling in agro tourism and "security officer" domain

·         "The sales representative" and "The modern women's office" - grants from MpiPS - the professional activation of youth living on the areas with the high level of unemployment in the sphere of leading the own business.

The grants given the APZK from the EU sources and the way of using them:

1.    In the years 1998-1999 APZK realized PHARE/INTEREG Project "Women into business" financed from the PHARE Found sources and The IAPES Association - APZK under the auspices of Regional Labor Office in Gdansk. That program founded the complex training of 60 women in the sphere necessary to set up and lead the own business. The area of the training was connected with economical, law, management, and accountancy subjects, with the possibilities to use the computer and to break the own barriers against taking up the active professional life. After the training 27 women started leading their own business and 12 took up the job.

2.    In the years 1999-2000 APZK together with The Regional Labor Office in Gdansk realized The European Project LEONARDO da VINCI. In the framework of the pilot project “The Active Women”- the adaptation of professional skills of women over 35 years for SME working on the country and in the city”. APZK realized the training “ Agro tourism- the chance for active women”. The purpose of that training is to create the new possibilities to be employed and to encourage them to work after the break and to work out with the opening of innovatory training program on the European level, giving the women possibilities to reach new professional skills in agro tourism sphere.

3.    In the years 2002-2003 APZK is going to realize PHARE ACCESS 2000 Program “To Work abroad- The Information and Advisory Centre for work migration opportunities in the context of free mobility of the workforce in Poland before EU accession. The following activities are founded within the project: to create the virtual information-consulting spot, to carry out the training of chosen consultants and voluntaries in it, who will consult in labor offices in Pomeranian region and to carry out the trainings in effective seeking of the job and the skills in European labor market.

In the years 2003-2004 APZK together with The Regional Labor Office in Gdansk will realize the project LEONARDO da VINCI “New methodology of professional improvement of women- facing new requirements of European labour market- EURO-WOMAN”. The purpose of that project is to project is to disseminate new methods of professional improvement of women to reach new skills in agro tourism and leading the office domain and to open the opportunities to self-employ by enterprise development.

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