Full legal name of organisation in native language


Name of organisation in English language

Asociation Department of Studys of Current Means

Acronym DEMA
Country Spain
Country code ES
Organisation address Department: European Project’s
Trafalgar, 25 2n 2ª, 08010 Barcelona, SPAIN
Last and first name of the contact person Joan Font Pérez
Title and position in the organisation Project’s coordinator
Phone (include country and area codes) +34 933198184
Fax (include country and area codes) +34 933197522/ +34
E-mail address demaproj@worldonline.es  dema-bcn@infonegocio.com
Home page address http://leo.worldonline.es/demaproj  

Type of organisation (legal status, main areas and type of activity)

DEMÀ is a non-profit Association that intends to work in several areas, particularly in the field of labour and social integration.

Size of organisation, in terms of the total number of personnel (use full-time equivalents)

Evidence of experience of the organisation of the women’s employment issues and experience in international co-operation

  DEMA have close links with REDS (Social Dialogue European Network) and (SURT (Association of Women for Labour Reintegration), which since 1993 has developed a number of projects and actions aiming to help women –particularly those belonging to the weaker groups (migrants, women from prison, etc.)- in the process of being integrated into the labour force.

International projects

Name of the project - The Leonardo da Vinci project: ADULT GUIDANCE FOR EDUCATION: Training for trainers
Project duration 2002
Participants Estonia

Name of the project Socrates - Grundtvig 1 project’s: Mobility 55
Project duration 2001-2002
Participants Italy, Belgium, France, Austria

Name of the project Socrates - Grundtvig 2 project’s: Immigrant Language Learning
Project duration 2002
Participants Germany, Island

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