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Universidad Popular de la Edad Adulta

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Popular University of adult Age UPDEA

Acronym UPDEA
Country Spain
Country code ES
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Last and first name of the contact person Costantino Lora Quiros
Title and position in the organisation President
Phone (include country and area codes) +34 91 4476820
Fax (include country and area codes) +34 91 4476820
E-mail address updea@updea.org
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The Universidad Popolar de la Edad Adulta is a legally established non-profit association registered in Madrid on May 21, 1999. Currently, it has 1023 student-members. Its aim is to transform itself into a cultural receptacle which would unite the interests of that important social group consisting of senior citizens and adults and to spread the belief that learning and motivation cannot be separated in preserving both physical and mental health. Restoring social consideration and the importance experience merits to senior citizens, fostering their active integration into society, dialogue and exchange among the generations, are among its aims

Size of organisation, in terms of the total number of personnel (use full-time equivalents)

Evidence of experience of the organisation of the women’s employment issues and experience in international co-operation

  The university wishes to make it possible for senior citizens to come into contact with the new technologies and other processes of social change, and to promote exchange among groups of adults belonging to the European Union. In order to bring this about, UPDEA organises courses with qualified teachers, guided tours of museums and exhibits, participation in seminars, literary events and conferences, day trips and international trips, Spanish language courses for foreign adult students of other popular European universities, student exchanges within the European Union. The organisation is also active in ongoing teacher training and offers a summer session. It has also established a psychological guidance service and a legal consultation service.


International projects

Name of the project - Strategies for the homogeneity of the formative offer and of the orientation praxis: Comparison of experiences
Project duration 2002-2003
Participants Spain, Lithuania, Italy


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