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Name of organisation in English language Finnish Institute of Occupation Health
Acronym FIOH
Country Finland
Country code FI
Organisation address Topeliuksenkatu 41 a A, 00250 Helsinki
Last and first name of the contact person Kauppinen Kaisa
Title and position in the organisation Section for Psychosocial Research, Chief; Adjunct Professor
Phone (include country and area codes) (+358) 9 47472758
Fax (include country and area codes) (+358) 9 890 713
E-mail address Kaisa.Kauppinen@occuphealth.fi
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The Institute was founded in 1945, and in 1978 it was nationalised under the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health. The Institute acts as a specialist institute of the WHO and ILO. The Institute contributes to developing work life with its activities in research, training, adult education and dissemination of information.

Size of organisation, in terms of the total number of personnel (use full-time equivalents)

Altogether 580 persons are working in full-time basis at the central institute and six Regional Institutes.

Evidence of experience of the organisation in the field covered by the project and experience in international co-operation

The central points of the current strategy of the Institute are: improvement of work-related health, well-being and quality of life by making the work environment, work methods and work organisations better so that they promote work ability, job satisfaction and gender equality. The Institute strives to achieve these objectives by research, expert services, training and adult education.

International collaboration is based to a great extent on bilateral agreements with foreign research institutes or governments. Bilateral collaboration is carried out between the Institute and the research institutes in Estonia, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Russia, as well as the US National Institute (NIOSH). There is also much collaboration within the European Union and the Nordic countries.

The bilateral collaboration with Estonia and the neighbouring regions of Russia has received special emphasis. Several projects are carried out in these countries. A collaborative project with Nordic and Baltic countries, concerning the telemetric information network in the countries around the Baltic Sea, was initiated in 1996 with the Finnish Institute as a focal point.

In August 1997 the Institute organised a Northern-Baltic-Karelian Symposium, in Lappeenranta, Finland. Altogether 112 experts attended the meeting, mainly from the Nordic countries, the Baltic countries and Russia. The summaries of the 48 oral presentations were published in a book of abstracts in 1998.

The income from the Institute activities amount to FIM 92.7 million. FIM 42.9 million of the income come from services, 24.2 million from research, 13.9 million from training and education, and 8.3 million from publications and information services. The highest growth was in the incomes from training and adult education. Public funds accounted for 65% of all Institute expenditures in 1997.

International projects




INTAS Russian physicians: their attitudes and strategies for adaption to change Partner
INTAS The quality of life gap between East and West: exploring men’s and women’s health related strategies in structural change Coordinator
Directorate General, Employment and Social Affairs Be equal, be different Partner
European Foundation for the Improvement of Working and Living Conditions, Dublin, Ireland Employment, family and community activities: A new balance for women and man Coordinator
European Foundation for the Improvement of Working and Living Conditions, Dublin, Ireland Promoting Gender Equality at the Workplace – national report for Finland Coordinator
SOCRATES The European Network of Adult Education Organisations working on Women’s Employment Issues Project manager
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