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University of Helsinki Vantaa Institute for Continuing Education has taken a great interest in promoting equal opportunities in the Finnish society. Several international projects as well as training have taken place especially during the five past years when a special department Centre for Equal Opportunities has been functioning.

Centre for Equal Opportunities provides university-level training to professionals. We aim at promoting gender equality and equal opportunities in different sectors of society. We emphasize equality in education and at work as well as equal opportunities and multiculturalism in pedagogics.

We plan and implement training and research projects, shortcourses, seminars and conferences. We also produce teaching materials and other publications.

In June 2000 we are going to present a poster session at an international conference: Women Work and Computerization at Vancouver, Canada about our succesfull training product NEW CAREERS FOR WOMEN! – A COURSE IN ICT AND CAREER PLANNING FOR WOMEN

This course has been for women with academic or college level education with an aim to give the participants the basic knowledge of ICT (MSWord, Power Point, Excel, Internet etc.) and promote women’s interests towards the new occupations and training possibilities in the ICT sector.

International projects

Berta ESF/NOW project Berta (1996-1998) was about offering training, guidance, consultancy and labour market services for women.
In 1999 a Leonardo da Vinci project Multiply NOW was launched. The project aims at disseminating the good practices developed in Berta.

Training in Access to Vocational Guidance (1998-2000) is a continuation for the previous projet. This Leonardo da Vinci project aims to develop of a pilot training module for vocational guidance practitioners. In relation to the project Centre of Equal Opportunities has started an Internet course in spring 2000 for vocational guidance practioners. The project is coordinated by the University of Glasgow (UK) and the other partners are Centre for Equal Opportunities, and Fondazione Regionale Pietro Seveso (Italy).

PROW - Promoting Equal Opportunities in Work Organisations (1999-2001) is a Leonardo da Vinci Project coordinated by the Centre for Equal Opportunities. The project focuses on combining issues of gender equality with organisation development and human resource management. The aim is to develop teaching material that combines theoretic expertise and working life practices. The teaching material will comprise of a book, WWW-pages and a CD Rom.
Partners of the 2-year pilot project come from Germany, Ireland and Spain.

WIN is a Leonardo da Vinci –project (1998-2000) aiming to promote the position of girls and women in technical training and technical occupations. Girls and women are still a clear minority in tecnological occupations. The co-ordinator of this project is spanish ICT (Institut Catal? de Tecnologia), Centre of Equal Opportunities is a partner in the project.

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