Full legal name of organisation in native language Koebenhavns Kvinde Daghoejskole
Name of organisation in English language
Acronym no acronym
Country Denmark
Country code DK
Organisation address Kigkurren 8 D
DK-2300 K¸benhavn S
Last and first name of the contact person Hansen, Ulla Lunde
Title and position in the organisation Headmaster
Phone (include country and area codes) +45 32 95 01 21
Fax (include country and area codes) +45 32 95 78 90
E-mail address ulla.lunde@cphfemale.dk
Home page address www.cphfemale.dk

Type of organisation (legal status, main areas and type of activity)

K¸benhavns Kvindedagh¸jskole is a private, self-governing institution, partly financed by public funds. It is a non-formal liberal educational institution, a Non-Residential Folk High School (=dagh¸jskole) for women.
The ideas and visions for “dagh¸jskoler” are lifelong learning rather than formal or vocational education.

The objective of K¸benhavns Kvindedagh¸jskole is empowerment of unemployed women, ethnic Danes and ethnic minorities with short or no formal education after compulsory school.

Size of organisation, in terms of the total number of personnel (use full-time equivalents)

The staff consists of 34 persons, among these 22 teachers with various types of relevant education.

Evidence of experience of the organisation of the women’s employment issues and experience in international co-operation

K¸benhavns Kvindedagh¸jskole has 15 years’ experience of lifelong learning for adult, mostly unemployed, women, with special educational needs. These women are disadvantaged in the sense that they lack basic education and qualifications as a result of socio-economic factors. The emphasis is laid on lifelong learning, guidance and counselling programmes to bring forward active citizens. During the courses the participants are working on a personal action-plan for the future, including family-life, future education and career-planning. As part of the individual course the women work in various companies as trainees for 2-4 weeks to increase their knowledge of the demands of the labour market. If the woman is ready for a job, this traineeship may open up her possibilities.

International projects

Name of the project: Work and family
Project duration: YOUTHSTART-project: 1997 - 2000
Participants: Young mothers

Name of the project: Full speed ahead
Project duration: NOW-project: 1997 - 2000
Participants: Long term unemployed women, ethnic Danes and ethnic minorities

Besides ongoing projects the EU-co-operation experience goes back to 1992:

NOW-project: 1992-94
IRIS-project: 1993-95
YOUTHSTART-project 1995-97

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