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Norges Kvinne og Familieforbund

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The Norwegian Women and Family Association





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Akersgaten 16, N-0158 Oslo

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Kristiansen Torhild

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+47 2247 83 80

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+47 2247 83 99

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The Norwegian Women and Family Association was established in 1915. It is one of the largest women’s organisations in Norway devoting itself to important social development on a national scale. The members belong to more than six hundred women’s institutes in 23 districts all over the country.

Evidence of experience of the organisation in the field covered by the project and experience in international co-operation

The vision- acceptance of women’s right to choose at different phases in their lives. Appreciation of the family as the cornerstone of the development of a good society.

The purpose- to strengthen the position of the family through measures which allow us the time and opportunity yo care for one other.

The aim- national and international lobbying on women’s and family- related issues.

The main areas of campaign: women’s issues, family issues, consumer issues, international cooperation.

At the national level NWFmakes the views heard on important political matters through the Norwegian political system. NWF is in direct contact with the government and the various political parties represented in the Norvegian parliament and represented on the Norwegian Commission on Human Values.

NWF is affiliated to Nordic Housewives Association, The Associated Country Women of the World, The Norwegian UNICEF commttee, The United Nations Association of Norway, The Norwegian UNESCO and the Forum for Women and Development (FOKUS) to which 52 Norwegian women’s organisations are affiliated.

International projects

Name of the project: Working with women worldwide
Project duration:
Participants: ASWW –Associated Country Women of the world

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