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Women’s Folk High School



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Box 7151, SE 40233 Goteborg

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Holmilid Ulla

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+46 31 775 65 00

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+46 31 14 65 29

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Folkhogskolor are free and independent types of shools for adults. They have roots in the popular movements and have existed in Scandinavia for more than a century. Studies are free. The state gives economic support to each school, and on occasion to students.

The idea of a women’s Folk High School in Goteborg started in the early 70’s, among a group of women active in the women’s movement. This group started evening courses in the variety of different subjects in the Women’s House in Goteborg in 1975.

Size of organisation, in terms of the total number of personnel (use full-time equivalents)

All employees at the school are women, and everyone is in some way engaged in teaching. The principle’s job rotates between the tutors. All employees have responsibilities outside their traditional work and are members of work- groups. The most important decisions are taken at the staff meetings.

Evidence of experience of the organisation in the field covered by the project and experience in international co-operation

The main activities at the school are the long courses, 16-34 weeks long, and short courses, a weekend or one to a couple of weeks long. Beside these courses lectures, meetings, seminars etc are held all round the year. Long courses, about ten every year, are attended daily by more than 100 students. These women, from 17 to 70 years old and coming from more than 20 different countries, all have different cultural backgrounds and experiences and different aims with their studies. The different courses have their own curriculum but all students meet at meals, breaks, school meetings and at some subjects studied jointly.

The school has its own day- care centre for children from 1 year and up to 6. There are vacancies for 27 children and the fee is lowest possible.

Financial support is given by the state, the county council and the city council of Goteborg.

International projects

Name of the project: NOW project "Local Action for Women"
Project duration: 1996-1998
Participants: Irland, Finland, Sweden

Name of the project: PEDEC- Pedagogic Education, Democracy in European Community
Project duration: 1997-1999
Participants: Irland, Germany, Hungary, Great Britain

Name of the project: Women Democracy and Knowledge
Project duration: 1999-

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