Full legal name of organisation in native language Socialiniø inovacijø fondas
Name of organisation in English language The Social Inovation Fund
Acronym SIF
Country Lithuania
Country code LT
Organisation address Savanoriu 1, Kaunas
Last and first name of the contact person Mecajeva Liudmila
Title and position in the organisation Director
Phone (include country and area codes) (+370) 7 208331
Fax (include country and area codes) (+370) 7 206575
E-mail address l.mecajeva@lpf.lt
Home page address http://vingis.sc-uni.ktu.lt/sif/

Type of organisation (legal status, main areas and type of activity)

The Social Innovation Fund (SIF) was founded and authorised by the Ministry of Justice on 23 of February, 1994 as a non-governmental charity and support fund. The Fund was established with the support of the Dutch governmental program, “Assistant in Social Welfare in Lithuania.” The SIF is actively engaged in improving the conditions and status of unemployed and socio-economical disadvantaged women. The main areas of activities are to assist them to make positive change in their lives through provision of educational opportunities, social support, information and advice. Activities also include lobbying for initiatives and laws favouring gender equality and human rights and opposing discrimination and unequal pay for women.

Size of organisation, in terms of the total number of personnel (use full-time equivalents)

The SIF employs a director and seven full time workers. In addition, there are two volunteers, one from the East European Partnership organisation, Great Britain and one from the United States Peace Corps.

Evidence of experience of the organisation of the women’s employment issues and experience in international co-operation

Since 1994, at the inception of the SIF, the founders of the organisation recognised the need to train and educate unemployed and disadvantaged women to enable them to find employment in the new, free market economy. The staff has had long experience in teaching computer skills, keyboard skills, business management, accounting, and English language courses. Equally important are the courses on job-seeking skills, resume writing, improving self-esteem, building self-confidence, and other personal growth courses.

The director and staff of the SIF have also had extensive experience in international co-operation. They have participated in many conferences, seminars and workshops in Europe and in America. The organistion has enjoyed a five-year long period of working and co-operating with the Dutch partners and reliable supporters of the Fund’s activities, Stichting GAMMA Dienstverlening and Stihting Rijnstad, and with the European Commission PHARE LIEN Program, which supported the project, “Community and Training Center for Women.” Participation in the international conferences “Vital Voices- Women in Democracy”, Vienna, July 1997; “Women and Men in Dialogue”, Valmera, Latvia; “The role of NGOs in New Europe”, Vilnius, September 1997, as well as, participation in the training sessions in the Nordic Folk Academy in 1997 and 1998 on the topic “Training of NGOs Leaders in Baltic States” were of the great importance in the networking activities. The SIF was an organiser of the international conference, “Women and Unemployment in Lithuania” in Kaunas on February 24-25, 1997. During this conference the Proposal from the participants to the Women’s Parliament Group of Lithuanian Seimas was approved (see appendix 5). The sociological Research “Causes of Women’s Unemployment in Kaunas” which was done by the SIF is attached in Appendix 7.

All these make it possible for the Social Innovation Fund to continue an international dialogue with many organisations in different countries on solutions to the plight of unemployed women

International projects

Women’s Training Centre", financed by a Dutch government program and by Stichting GAMMA Dienstverlening, Stichting Rijnstad (the Netherlands)

"Community and training centre for women", financed by the European Union PHARE LIEN program, Co – financed by Stichting GAMMA Dienstverlening, Stichting Rijnstad (the Netherlands)

"Women’s Job club", financed by the European Union PHARE LIEN program, Co – financed by Stichting GAMMA Dienstverlening, Stichting Rijnstad (the Netherlands).

"Women Social Information and Advice Centre "Hot line"", financed by the European Union PHARE LIEN program, Co – financed by Stichting GAMMA Dienstverlening, Stichting Rijnstad (the Netherlands)

"Better a job than the dole", financed by the U.S. Baltic Foundation, the U. S. A. I. D., Democracy Network Program

"The European Network Of Adult Education Organisatinos Working On Women’s Unemployment Issues", financed European Union Socrates program

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