An idea bank
An idea bank was created during the groups work at the Network conference “ New opportunities for co-operation on he solution of women’s employment issues in Europe”, which took place in Kaunas, Lithuania in July, 2000. Some of ideas are sketchy, while others have been drafted in detail, but all of them require processing and planning. This ideas gives the framework for the future co-operation in the new projects and were created within the context of the life-long learning concept and ODL technology, which will open-up the new opportunity for co-operation on the solution on women’s training and employment issues in Europe.

The ideas are presented here in truncated form. Before the presenting the ideas, we would like to describe the problems with women’s employment and life competencies, which were defined during the brainstorming session at the conference.


bulletLack of job
bulletAge discrimination
bulletPessimism, lack of hope
bulletLack of state policy for family
bulletVolunteer for “life”
bulletNo or low income

Taking into account the problems and reality, the work-groups suggested to develop the follows directions for women’s projects, which we can include to the idea bank of the network:

  1. Organising training on consciousness raising
  2. Creating the positive image of women-employees through mass media to overcome negative stereotypes
  3. Organising the entrepreneur courses, where women teach women
  4. Creating the resource centres for support and counselling for families
  5. Developing the learning skills for the job market combining formal and non-formal education, promoting capacities for learning to learn. .
  6. PC - drive license training for women, including typing,graphics (paint-photo scanning),web-designing.
  7. Creating the Open Computer Café for women which promotes learning of:
bulletBasic PC -skills
bulletCBT (computer based training)
  1. Developing the Internet-project to learn to work with:
bulletNews - groups
bulletNet - meetings

Job hunting though Internet

  1. Developing gender equality training for women using ODL technology.

We hope that these ideas could develop the adult learning, which plays a vital role in any strategy for facing the challenges of the future.

“Economic growth is essential, to maintain our standards of living and protect the environment. But the main pillar of today’s growth is not the production of more and more goods. Growth is underpinned by ideas and is shaped within the framework of a global economy, where the competence (knowledge, skills and other components) and renewal are the key factors in competition”-

by Bjorn Rosengren, The Golden Riches in the Grass. Lifelong learning for all,1995.

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