Statistical Information on Women's Employment and Gender Equality in Europe


51% of the total EU population  are women


60,5% of the total population in EU countries have a paid job


40% of all the job are filled by women


In industry sectors salaries of women are about 15-35% lower than men's wages. In other branches differences are even higher - between 30 and 40%. More women than men are unemployment: 12% and 9% respectively


28% of the women have part-time jobs.
 4% of the men have part-time jobs


9% of the men have management and senior posts.
6% of the women  have management and senior posts.

Gender equality in public administration

Population, family life

Education level

Employment and unemployment

- Labour force, employed, unemployed
- Unemployment rate by from 1992 till 1999
- Unemployment rate by age
- Unemployed by sex and education
- Employed population by economic activities
- Employed population by the type of ownership of enterprise 
- Women's earning as a percentage of men's
- Women's monthly salary

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