* Training course “Balancing work and family responsibilities through information, motivation, consultation and training” 2012 *


The problem of work-life balance is still faced by many families and often results in withdrawal of one of family members from the labour market. Despite some employers’ initiatives to make family-friendly workplaces, they aren’t widely spread and recognized in partner countries. That's why it is important to raise awareness on the necessity of a bottom-up approach encouraging the involvement of employees themselves in implementing family-friendly initiatives within their workplaces.

Project aims to develop an innovative approach to family learning on work-life balance, thus increasing capacity of employees to contribute themselves to implementation of family-friendly initiatives at workplaces and as a result, to remain active on the labour market.

Project objectives are:

  • to raise awareness of the society about the need for bottom-up initiatives encouraging involvement of employees themselves in implementing family-friendly policies at their workplaces;
  • to prepare recommendations for the quality and content of trainings for family learning on work and life balance;
  • to promote employability by creating awareness of working family members on good practices of implementing family-friendly measures at workplaces, which could help them to reconcile work and amily life and as a result to remain active on the labour market;
  • to encourage family members to contribute themselves in implementing family-friendly measures at workplaces;
  • to offer an innovative ICT-based training material for learners “Family learning on work & life balance”;
  • to develop key competences of working employees having work and life problems in the area of gender equality, family-friendly policies, and reconciliation of work and family life; to strengthen their competences to protect their human rights and lobby for implementing work and life balance measures at their workplaces;
  • to address the need for qualified family consultant on work and life balance to work with families having problems to reconcile work & family life;
  • to ensure optimal use of the results beyond the partnership, during and beyond the lifetime of the project.

Target Groups:

  • learners-family members having problems in work and life balance;
  • adult educators- family consultants on work and life balance;
  • adult education organizations, trade unions, workers’ unions, family associations, NGOs;
  • interested to use the prepared training material for their clients.

The envisaged impact concerns increasing capacity of working family members who have problems in work-life balance to remain active on the labour market.

By the end of the project:

  • 164 family members trained on work & life balance issues;
  • 42 family members received personal consultations on work & life balance;
  • 400 families encouraged for self-learning on family-friendly measures;
  • 21 family consultants prepared to work with families having work & life balance problems;
  • 93 adult educators and other social partners acquainted with the role of family consultant on work & life balance.