* Training course “Balancing work and family responsibilities through information, motivation, consultation and training” 2012 *



  • Grundtvig Training Course for family consultant

  • e-Handbook “Family learning on work & life balance”
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  • Collection of Good Practices
    • Brochure “Best practices on work & life balance”
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    • Collection of video-clips
      Video-clips in national languages of partnership with subtitles in German, English, Finnish, Italian, Latvian and Lithuanian available for download.
      We recommend to play these video-clips by a free multi-platform video player - VLC.
      • LT    Gender Balance In Lithuania: Good Practice Of Positive Paternity
      • LT    Flexible work arrangements for shift work
      • LT    Family-friendly workplace with "mini kindergarten"
      • FI    "Slow Life"
      • LV    Family Friendly Work Places With Trade Union And Collective Agreement
      • EN    Organisational Ethos Assists Disabled Woman To Work
      • IT    Work life balance: how to be flexible
      • DE    FamUnDo – An innovative project to improve companies in family-friendly policies
      The subtitles are provided for each video clip to facilitate the learners’ understanding of the conversations in the video clips.
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  • State of Art Review

  • Guidelines for family consultants

  • Leaflets
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  • Website: www.family-learning.eu


  • European training session (training for trainers)

  • National Pilot Training Sessions (pilot trainings in partner countries)

  • Personal consultations for working family members (national event)

  • Cooperation seminars for family consultants (national event)

  • Final International Conference

    RECOMMENDATIONS prepared by the European partnership of the project

    Guest speakers
    • Socialinės gerovės darbe kūrimas diegiant darbo ir šeimos derinimo priemones
      Vincė-Vaidevutė Margevičienė, Member of the Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania.
      [PDF]   [PPT]
    • Šeimos politikos priemonės, skirtos šeimos ir darbo įsipareigojimų derinimui.
      Živilė Kairytė, Chief Specialist of Family Policy Division at Family Welfare Department under the Ministry of Social Security and Labour of the Republic of Lithuania.
      [PDF]   [PPT]
    • Work life and retirement in the Netherlands.
      Antonius Brouwers, Henricus Prince, the Netherlands
      [PDF]   [PPT]
    • Improving work and life balance.
      Gunnbjørg Nåvik, Norwegian Association of Local and Regional Authorities, Norway
      [PDF]   [PPT]
    • Examples of European Social Fund’s support to implementation of work-life balance practices in Murcia Region,
      Andrés Abad, Murcia Regional Government, Spain
      [PDF]   [PPT]

    Presentations of project and its outcomes
    • Facilitating family learning on work and life balance. Project overview.
      Liudmila Mecajeva, Project Coordinator, Social Innovation Fund
      [PDF]   [PPT]
    • Module 1: Arrangements in cases of maternity/paternity leave and “time-out”.
      Liudmila Mecajeva
      [PDF]   [PPT]
    • Module 2: Possibilities for flexible working time arrangements.
      Benedetta Sella, TEAM Srl, Italy
      [PDF]   [PPT]
    • Module 3: Support services for childcare and pre-natal and post-natal arrangements for protecting and supporting women in the workplace.
      Monika Goldmann, Social Research Centre (SFS), Technical University of Dortmund, Germany.
      [PDF]   [PPT]
    • Module 4: Possibilities for dealing with responsibilities to care for long-term disabled and elderly people and other dependents.
      Garry D’Arcy, Paul Barnard, Merseyside Expanding Horizons, United Kingdom
      [PDF]   [PPT]
    • Module 5: Additional opportunities for services provided by companies for employees and their families on the basis of collective or other type of agreements. Opportunities for education, training and career development when experiencing problems in work & life balance.
      Liene Liekna, Free Trade Union Confederation of Latvia, Latvia, Audronė Kisielienė, JSC “European Partnership”.
      [PDF]   [PPT]
    • Module 6: Improving quality of working life: Overview of policies and practices for family-friendly workplace at European and national levels.
      Vitalija Petrauskaite-Kriauziene, The Office of Equal Opportunities Ombudsperson, Lithuania.
      [PDF]   [PPT]
    • Finnish approach to quality life: “Slow life” video review.
      Kaisa Kauppinen, Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, Finland.
      [PDF]   [PPT]


  • Progress Report (Public Part)

  • Final Report (Public Part)